About Us

Blue Diamond Vodka is a brand of grain based vodka distilled in Estonia and imported into the United States by Vodka Brands. From the deep, blue waters of the Baltic Sea, comes a vodka so clear and smooth.... it can only be called Blue Diamond. Crafted in the traditional methods with premium European grains, blended in artesian water and ultra-filtered for a luxurious smoothness.


Our Mission

Vodka Brands Corp develops and produces various brands of alcoholic spirits. We currently produce BLUE DIAMOND Vodka, WHITE DIAMOND Vodka, WhiteDiamondVodka.org and DIAMOND GIRL Vodka. DiamondGirlVodka.com Other brands are in development. Our objective is to produce superior products that are memorable and to increase unit and geographic distribution


What We do

From our founder to our farmers to our bartenders, we’re united by a restless determination to create and serve a vodka unlike any other.